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Group Therapy For Social Anxiety

One of Dr. Yeilding’s passions is the CBT for Social Anxiety Group he facilitates. CBT group therapy offers a structured environment to learn cognitive and behavioral skills, and participate in supporting and being supported by others in the group on your path towards greater confidence in social interactions.

What is group therapy?

These empirically based groups consist of 12 weekly group sessions and an individual consultation before the group starts. The group focuses on developing CBT skills to manage social anxiety, including psychoeducation, graduated and prolonged exposure, cognitive restructuring, anxiety management, weekly between session homework assignments, and relapse prevention.

Why Choose Group Therapy for Social Anxiety?

The Social Anxiety Group is a very cost-effective alternative to individual therapy, and is currently available as a telehealth group, utilizing a virtual format available to anyone in the state of California to participate in.

What is the goal of group therapy?

The CBT for Social Anxiety Group offers a powerful opportunity to make progress by making the courageous decision to engage in a new social situation. 

The group will guide each member through developing an individualized plan of cognitive and attentional skills practice, creating and following through with an exposure hierarchy, and creating the learning opportunities to increase resilience and confidence in yourself and managing challenging social scenarios.

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What We offer

Group Therapy Level 1

The CBT for Social Anxiety Group is offered at 2 different levels.
The Level 1 Group consists of 12 weekly sessions focused on understanding the nature of social anxiety, and building the coping skills and exposure exercises to manage it.

Group Therapy Level 2

The Level 2 Group is for those who have completed the Level 1 group, and are interested in expanded skill development and support.

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