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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy refers to a collection of empirically supported treatments dedicated to achieving positive change in your life.

What Is CBT?

The foundational principles and strategies in CBT are drawn from cognitive therapy, behavior therapy and behavior analysis, as well as acceptance and mindfulness-based therapies.

Dr. Yeilding is extensively trained in these strategies which can be applied to a variety of issues. 

Are You Stuck In a Negative Cycle?

The interventions used in CBT are based on the understanding that our thoughts, feelings, physiological response, and behavior all interact with and influence one another. 

In common psychological challenges such as anxiety and depression, clients are often stuck in negative cycles of these components interacting with each other over time. We will work together to collaboratively understand how these cycles generated and have been unintentionally maintained. 


Specific skills will be learned and strategically applied to develop more adaptive and helpful responses and unwind these unhelpful cycles. One example of these skills include learning to identify, evaluate, and shift our thinking patterns in response to stressful events. 

Alternatively, learning to shift your relationship to distressing thoughts and feelings and practice acceptance, mindfulness, and compassion can bring dramatic movement to your stuck points. 

Oftentimes direct behavioral methods will be used to strategically confront and gain confidence in feared and avoided situations.

What To Expect with Cognitive behavioral therapy?


Many outcome studies have demonstrated CBT to be the most effective form of therapy for a variety of issues. 

You will learn the core skills shown to be the most effective for your individualized treatment plan. 

Using these skills and an active, structured approach, we will work together to experiment with new cognitive and behavioral responses to achieve your goals of therapy.

Dr. Yeilding is equipped with the skills needed to guide you through CBT therapy in Orange County.

Frequently Asked Questions

CBT is one of the most evidence-based psychological interventions for the treatment of several psychological challenges including anxiety, depression, and substance use disorder.

Therapy is widely understood to support healing, elucidating meaning in one’s life, guiding transformation, and bringing us closer to our goals and the lives we want to lead.

I work in an approachable and practical way with clients to collaboratively determine treatment goals.

With your overall goals in mind, we work to address each session in a structured and intentional way to troubleshoot the difficulties you’re facing and to help you move forward. 

Please book a free phone consultation for more information about YCBT Services or how Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy might be helpful for you. Treatment begins with an initial consultation to help clarify your needs and goals, evaluate the issues you are looking to get help with, and to be sure we are the best fit for you.


Individual therapy fee is $225. Sessions last between 45 and 50 minutes.

Group therapy fee is $75 per group session, plus $150 for an individual intake screening. Group sessions last 90 minutes.

YCBT Services is an out-of -network provider and collects payment at the time of service. If you have a plan with out-of-network benefits, YCBT Services is happy to provide you with the necessary paperwork to submit to your insurance plan for reimbursement.

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