Therapy for Teens and Young Adults

The growth and change that occurs through the teen and young adult years come with inevitable stressors and struggles for everyone. Add to it the ever-growing complexity of social and academic pressures, and it’s no surprise many teens find themselves overwhelmed and in need of some extra support.

How We Can Help

YCBT Services spends the time to get to know and understand your teen as an individual, and works to create a collaborative rapport with them to be able to safely discuss the challenges they are facing in life. Utilizing state of the art Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, your teen will learn and develop a repertoire of coping tools to practice with.

Mental Health Struggles Effect Young Adults and Teens differently

Teens and young adults are reporting feelings of overwhelming stress and anxiety at an alarming rate. 

Mental health struggles can present differently in teens than in adults and are often misattributed at first to a different cause. For example, feelings of depression may manifest as irritability or withdrawal, and feelings of anxiety may manifest more as physical symptoms, fidgetiness, or loss of appetite.

YCBT Services Can Help Your teen take control of their mental health

Throughout the course of treatment your teen will learn and practice evidence-based CBT strategies such as mindfulness and relaxation skills, reframing negative thought patterns, facing feared or avoided situations effectively, and developing social and emotional regulation skills.

The mastery of these skills will set your teen up for success not only in overcoming their current stuck points, but also in developing the resiliency and self-confidence needed to flourish.

What YCBT Can Do For You


What We offer

YCBT Services aims to provide practical and effective Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, including mindfulness and acceptance-based strategies, to help your teen feel comfortable and confident discovering who they are, what matters most to them, and look forward to the big decisions in front of them.

While treatment length varies for everyone based on their individual needs and goals, treatment typically lasts between 12 and 20 sessions.

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